Monday, July 2, 2012

It's official...I'm a Crowdflair City CEO!

Just got an e-mail that I was selected as a City CEO for Crowdflair, yay! Not 100% sure what all it entails yet, but here's a sneak peak from my e-mail today:

"As City CEO Ambassador, you will help shape Crowdflair like nobody's business! We already have some exciting partnerships that are going to yield some awesome rewards like all-expense paid trips to popular brand headquarters, special clothing & product samples and cash prizes. Some brands have even agreed to hiring our best influencers on Crowdflair.

As a Crowdflair City CEO, you will:

1. Receive an exclusive City CEO t-shirt influenced and voted on by you!
2. Receive special rewards from select brands.
3. Be chosen to host select brand parties in which they provide you with exclusive free samples to share.
4. Build your own brand ambassador team as the official Crowdflair City CEO & receive extra points for every member you bring in under your team.
5. Receive extra equity from select startups."

So...who wants to be on my brand ambassador team for San Diego?? I'm gonna start building an interest list and once I know more details I'll let you all know =) If you were selected as a City CEO for your city, let's get in touch and exchange notes!